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Mental Wellness
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Mental Gurus Jungian Index (MGJI)
We use psychometric data coupled with the power of machine learning to help individuals know & understand themselves more deeply. Our personality tests become increasingly accurate as more people take them over time. 
The most powerful 16 types indicator in the world.
It's the 16 personalities model you love and know. But now it's the most accurate and thorough Jungian model test in the world. With 25-40% greater differentiating power, our test increases accuracy and reduces mistyping. We're stoked to share this test and the wisdom of our Gurus (users like you) with the world. We've validated and improved this test without compromising the meaningful nature of it. 
Take the MGJI
Coming Soon: Next Generation Attribute Index (NGAI)
The Big Five (also known as the OCEAN) model of personality is the most widely accepted personality theory in the social sciences. Academicians have refined and validated this test for decades. cientific community. Mental Gurus has combined this superior test with Machine Learning technology. The NGAI is truly the next generation of personality measurements, and will be released March 2022. 
Coming March 2022
(This link is not yet turned on)

Mental Wellness Evaluations

Free & accurate reports

Depression, Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Inattention

Depression Test & Report

This is a free and accurate depression test. You'll get a free report and score, with tips and suggestions from other users (Gurus) like you.

Hyperactivity Test & Report

Hyperactive often? This 15 question test will tell you just how hyperactive you are according to criteria published in the DSM-5.

Inattention Test & Report

Have a hard time paying attention? Answer 14 simple questions and will help you understand your inattention. 

Anxiety Test & Report

Want to know more about anxiety? Answer this short evaluation to get an advanced report about how anxiety is affecting you.

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The Mental Wellness Survey
Help us build the algorithm. Tell us what helps you.
We'll use your wisdom to help a lot of people. 
Of all the tests on Mental Gurus, we hope you take this one the most. This test is specifically designed to measure what helps you maintain your Mental Wellness.

It then takes your wisdom, advice and solutions and (using our machine learning algorithm) distributes the wisdom back to users who need it. Your wisdom could help save the lives of many other people. 
Our vision is a world of self-awareness and cooperation to alleviate mental wellness issues, leading to the fulfillment of human potential individually and sociologically. 
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