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Free Anxiety Test & Report
We're using advanced psychometrics and machine learning to build the most advanced mental wellness tools in the world. We'd love you to join the cause. 
A digital collective conscious.
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Your anxiety report includes:
Anxiety severity
We'll give you a score that indicates the severity of your anxiety given valid criteria.

Everyday millions of people suffer from excessive anxiety and wonder if it is abnormal. This score helps you understand how strong your anxiety is compared to average populations. This will help you know what you should do to aid you in your journey with anxiety.

Get your detailed report
We'll give you a score and help you understand how severe your anxiety is. 

Your report describes in detail what it means to have your score. We'll indicate if we think you should see a professional coach or therapist, and even tell you what type of therapist to look for! There are pro's and con's to anxiety. Come check it out. We'd love to help out and you'll be helping others as well. 

We'll give you our top 12 TIPS©
Proven, personalized TIPS our solutions that will help you. 

On Mental Gurus TIPS are our machine learning generated suggestions personalized for you. He have hundreds of TIPS THAT are based on empirical evidence. This means our TIPS will be effective and tested by mental wellness professionals and published in academic literature.  

Anxiety is normal

The question is how much anxiety are you experiencing, and what you can do to manage it.

Our evaluation is less than 20 questions and we'll tell you how your level of anxiety compares to averages.

You'll get it in a detailed report that will also include machine learning generated, and personalized TIPS© customized for you. 

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Mental Wellness

Immediate access. Just 2-10 minutes to complete the evaluation. 

You'll be able to track your score and show you improvements over time. 
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Effective Biofeedback

Mental Gurus uses the power of Biofeedback.  This is the process of gaining greater awareness of physiological functions (such as anxiety).  We do this by allowing our users to monitor progress and see results for years. It is a very powerful process. Mastering your emotions is a lifelong process that every person engages in. 
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Track your progress
Once you take this evaluation, you'll be able to retake it every 30 days for 6 months! This allows you to track your growth and development. You'll be able to compare your reports. If you are improving, you'll see it reflected in your reports. It is a very powerful process. It will help you know your anxiety deeply, which is the first step in managing it.  
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  • Unrivaled Passion

    We’re creating the world’s most advanced personality and mental wellness psychometric evaluations on the market!  We  are doing this through scientifically reliable and valid methods.

    We use the information we gather to inform our machine learning process in order to help people find the tools they need to meet their goals.

  • Socal Change Mission

    It is the mission of Mental Gurus to innovatively create technology that meaningfully advances mental wellness and ultimately elevates the entire human experience!

    Mental Gurus creates online tools with which individuals can gain greater self-awareness about themselves and their loved ones, understand strengths and weaknesses with greater insight, and find meaningful tips for personal growth and happiness.

  • The Vision

    Our vision is a world of self-awareness and cooperation to alleviate mental wellness issues, leading to the fulfillment of human potential individually and sociologically.

    The world we envision is one in which people know themselves in greater depth, grow themselves through collegial methods, and show the way they achieve peace and personal well-being.

  • The Mental Gurus Method

    Mental Gurus uses statistically reliable and valid methods to create the world’s most advanced personality and mental wellness psychometrics. We use psychometric data coupled with the power of machine learning to help individuals know themselves more deeply, and organizations to better aid the populations they serve. 

Our users are the Gurus 
Our reports are created in a machine learning process.

Meaning that our users are the real authors of our reports. Our insights, reports and TIPS are all from the users who use utilize them. Just by taking a test and reading the report you are doing something good for others. 

Immediate access. Just 2-8 minutes to complete the evaluation.

Question: Why should you take a Mental Gurus evaluation?
Your answers will help other people like you

The Mental Gurus machine learning device becomes "smarter" and more accurate with every Guru (users like you) that takes our tests.

So just by taking the test and sharing your wisdom, you'll be helping people like you find solutions and learn from you.

In our report, you'll receive advice and tips from people that tested similarly to yourself. 

No one has better evaluations! 😏 

...but it's our machine learning process you're really going to love! 

They say 'the more you share, the more you heal." Our evaluations are designed to do more then just give you a bit of information. With our machine learning process we can help you know yourself deeply, and find meaningful advice and  solutions. Track progress, understand your personality, and grow with us.  

Immediate access. Just 2 minutes to complete the evaluation. 

Founder and CEO:
Bridger Jensen, M.S. 

Having gained a national reputation as a therapist, Bridger conceptualized Mental Gurus in response to losing several youthful clients to suicide. Inspirited by pain from the losses, and in hopes of creating effective and actionable guidance for mental wellness and personality development, Bridger founded Mental Gurus on the premise that every person has profound wisdom to offer one another. Every user of Mental Gurus, is esteemed as a contributing guru, and thus helps train and develop the digital collective conscious that Mental Gurus has rapidly become.

Today Bridger is beginning a new venture,

Bridger epitomizes extroversion and passion, with an authentic confidence that characterizes the leadership that has brought the Mental Gurus team together. When he’s not working on Mental Gurus, you'll find him with his beloved wife and 4 children - ideally in the outdoors. Bridger is also passionate about art, including sculpting, poetry, dance, and photography, and he has received several prestigious art grants and numerous awards for his work. His art has been nationally displayed in various exhibitions nationally. 

Podcast Interview:
From Founder to CEO 
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